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Sean Kashawlic Recently retired educator and administrator with over thirty years in Public Education, preceded by thirteen years of Technology experience in a multi-national computer firm. Teaching experience at the Corporate, University, High School, Middle School, and Community Ed levels. Experienced in on-line learning, and participated in the establishment of the first totally on-line Cyber High School in the State of Michigan. Extensive background in education and a focus on community collaboration has led to a number of volunteer opportunities and community involvement activities. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, strategic partnering, and establishing governance boundaries. Holds graduate degrees in Mathematics, Economics, and Educational Technology. Dedicated to the FOSI mission of preserving and improving the environmental quality of our Indian River Lagoon Aquatic Preserve SPOIL Islands through education.


Originally from Vermont sand studied Recreation Impact Management. Helped to build both ski and hiking trails without displacing wildlife. This included endangered species maintaining animal corridor and feeding areas. Developed other areas for recreation allowing human and animal coexistence. Spent 41 years in skiing as a pro racer, ski school director, racing director and US coach. Looks forward to working with FOSI to develop spoil islands making them suitable for recreational needs leaving minimal foot prints.